Simic Hybrid 5e Guide

Simic Hybrid 5e Guide – The Willing Subject

A Simic Hybrid 5e guide is precisely what you need if you can never decide which D&D race to be. While you may already know what a hybrid is, a Simic Hybrid has specific stats and creatures it is made from.

I first heard about the Simic Hybrid a few years ago when Guilds of Ravnica came out. Ravnica isn’t my favorite plane, but I can’t deny that it’s a good one. Vraska, Aurelia, and Ammara are just a few gems of Guilds of Ravnica that make me smile.

Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (D&D) came out just one month after the Guilds of Ravnica set, so the two are siblings more than parent/child. I’ve loved D&D and MtG both for so long, and every time I see the two crossovers, I get stoked.

Simic Hybrid 5e Overview

  • Size – Medium
  • Speed – 30
  • Language – Common and either Elven or Vedalken
  • Ability Score Increase – +2 Consitution and +1 of your choosing
  • Extras – Darkvision

The Simic Hybrid is a fusion of a humanoid race mixed with an animal. These hybrids – also known as krasis – are rigid and generally have the abilities of the animal they are fused with.

At 1st level, you get to choose one of three abilities. You get to choose from three different abilities again at the 5th level. These abilities are all related to animals, and most even give you physical characteristics.

Simic Hybrid on Ravnica

Simic Hybrid on Ravnica

The Simic Hybrid is a Ravnica exclusive race that wasn’t even considered a race or species on the plane. On Ravnica, they call these hybrids krasis. The word comes from the word which means to mingle water and wine.

The Simic Combine Guild

The Simic Combine guild is one of the ten Guilds of Ravnica. The Green/Blue (funny enough, life and control/science) guild is Ravnica’s guild of nature that wants to preserve the natural world.

That said, they also have many scientists who have no problem magically fusing life and enhancing the weak to ensure that Ravnica remains strong. This is why they created the Simic Hybrids.

Creating the Simic Hybrid

Each Simic Hybrid is made from a volunteer from an overpopulated, likely urban, area of Ravnica. The volunteers are excited to be part of something bigger, so despite popular belief, they are not prisoners of the guild.

The Simic Combine members that make these hybrids are called Biomancers. They are often seen as outcasts of Ravnica because of their strange interests in creating what others may see as abominations.

On Ravnica, only humans, elves, and vedalken are used to make hybrids. These races are fused with animals to create unique Simic Hybrids. Many of these hybrids cannot reproduce.

Simic Hybrid D&D 5e Abilities

The Simic Hybrid in D&D gets an ability at level one and at level five. These abilities mimic those of certain animals whose DNA were infused into the hybrids when the Simic Combined experimented on them.

1st Level Simic Hybrid

Manta Glide

When you choose Manta Glide, you get fins that are sprouted from your sides. You can use them to glide down safely when you would normally fall, as long as you are not incapacitated.

If you’re not, then you can subtract up to 100 feet from your fall when you calculate fall damage. You can also move 2 feet horizontally for every 1 foot you fall vertically.

Nimble Climber

Normally, whenever you climb, you move at half speed. But whenever you choose Nimble Climber, you move at your walking speed, which is twice as fast as other races. Pair this with a fast movement speed for best results.

Underwater Adaptation

Swim speed is normally half, just like climbing speed. But with Underwater Adaption, you swim at your walking speed. But even more importantly, you can breathe underwater, which is amazing in certain settings.

5th Level Simic Hybrid

5th Level Simic Hybrid

Grappling Appendages

When you choose Grappling Appendages, you get two extra “arms” that sprout next to your regular arms. They must either be claws or tentacles unless you talk your DM into custom arms.

As an action, you can use your claws to grapple a creature or use unarmed strike with 1D6 + your Strength modifier bludgeoning damage. If you hit with the attack, you can instead try to grapple as a bonus action.


Instead of having normal human/elf skin, you have a thick shell that covers your entire body. Because of it, you gain a +1 to your AC when you don’t wear heavy armor. Really simple but effective.

Acid Spit

As an action, you can spray acid out of your mouth. The range is 30 feet, and you must be able to see the target. The target has to make a Dexterity saving throw against a DC of 8 plus your proficiency bonus plus your Constitution modifier.

Upon a hit, the target takes 2D10 acid damage—the damage increases to 3D10 at 11th level and 4D10 at 17th level. The number of times you can use it each long rest is your Consitution modifier.

Simic Hybrid RPG Details

Simic Hybrid RPG Details

The Simic Hybrid can be a fun race to roleplay because they have such a deep history on Ravnica. This can work well in your backstory because it gives you a base to work with and a reason to live.

The Hybrid Combo

  • Basilisks
  • Drakes
  • Elementals
  • Elves
  • Faeries
  • Humans
  • Homunculus
  • Kraken
  • Leviathan
  • Merfolk
  • Mutants
  • Saprolings
  • Shapeshifters
  • Trolls
  • Vedalken

The above is a list of Ravnica registered races/species. Unless your DM is quite flexible, you will have to choose Human, Elf, or Vedalken for one half of your hybrid and an animal for the other.

However, if you can get by with it, you can create a unique combination. While scrolling through MTG hybrid cards from Ravnica, I noticed that most hybrids have wings or fins, with maritime body parts being the most common.

Your Loyalty to Ravnica

The Simic Combine is made up of scientists and wizards, not soldiers and militants. The Simic Combine is a guild that has science and nature as their priorities, and Simic Hybrids are their willing subjects.

When you choose a Simic Hybrid, and you’re not loyal to Ravnica, you need a convincing backstory. Most Hybrids will be loyal to the cause, grateful to the guild for giving them another life.

Example of Traits

Instead of listing a whole round of custom traits, let me give an example of what personality traits and such I may use for my custom character. Hopefully, it will inspire you when you create yours.

  • Serious Personality Trait – I tend to connect to my animal side, even taking on animalistic traits that may confuse others. 
  • Whimsical Personality Trait – I hug everyone that I meet, ensuring my fins/wings meet them flesh-to-flesh. 
  • Ideals – I only seek to please the Combine that created me, doing everything I do for the greater good of Ravnica.
  • Bonds – I owe my life to the Combine and will never forget how they brought me from the alleys to give me a new life.
  • Serious Flaw – Because of a hiccup in the hybrid process, I am colorblind.
  • Silly Flaw – I must sing everything that I say unless I’ve just eaten cheese.

Top Five Best Classes for Simic Hybrid 5e

Top Five Best Classes for Simic Hybrid 5e

Both spellcasters and the Rogue can benefit from choosing Simic Hybrid, but they aren’t the best marriage, in my opinion. The top five best classes for Simic Hybrid each work for their own reason.


The Artificer is a good bet because they can use the +1 on INT, which is hard to come by. The first level augmentation you choose shouldn’t matter, but I recommend Carapace for that extra boost to this already squishy class.


Choose CHA for your +1 if you want to utilize the Bard’s skill set fully. Again, I would choose Carapace to get that extra tankiness most Bards lack. Then for the 1st level augment, I would choose the one that fits your backstory best.


Barbarian is probably the most popular class for Simic Hybrid. It makes sense considering most hybrids are said to have changed their personality whenever they were mutated, becoming more aggressive.

The extra CON is perfect for the Barbarian, and STR is the obvious choice for the +1 stat. Every single choice of augments make sense when you choose Barbarian, so go wild.


Fighter makes sense, just as Barbarian does. The CON is helpful and probably STR for the secondary. Again, any of the augments can work wonders are this already strong and notoriously athletic race.


Ranger is one of my favorite classes, so I can easily see the benefits of a Simic Hybrid Ranger. First of all, DEX is a good choice for your +1, while CON can beef up this rather squishy class.

I believe that any of the augments make sense for the Ranger, but I feel that Nimble Climber and Grappling Appendages make the most sense. After all, the Ranger already has a connection to animals, making for an easy backstory.

Notable MtG Hybrids/Creators

Notable MtG Hybrids - Creators

In Guilds of Ravnica, which is the same world that the creatures/people from Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica is set in, there are a few notable hybrids. Use them for inspiration in creating yours.

Prime Speaker Vannifar

Vannifar is a guildmaster of the Simic Combine who created many successful hybrids. She has mutated parts of her body with ooze, so she’s one of “those” types of scientists who experiments on themselves.

She can even absorb nutrients and oxygen throughout her skin, so she doesn’t need to eat or sleep. Though she has an arrogant personality, she may deserve that attitude.

Roalesk, Apex Hybrid

Roalesk was one of Vannfar’s first successful hybrids. He is a human hybrid who is a strong fighter and spy. Not many know exactly what Roalesk can do, but he was fused with multiple animals.

Vorel of the Hull Clade

Vorel is an advocate for hybrids. He was once a “bottom dweller” who was given a chance at a new life when he was asked to participate in Vannfar’s experiments. He now works as a general of sorts for the merfolk soldiers on Ravnica.


Question: What are Simic Hybrids Made from?

Answer: Simic Hybrids are made from an elf, human, or vedalken paired with an animal. Despite popular belief, they are typically made with more than just one species of animal DNA.

Question: Can Simic Hybrids Occur Naturally?

Answer: Simic Hybrids cannot occur naturally nor be birthed. Most hybrids cannot give birth, and those that do reproduce will likely only give birth to the original race they were born as.

Question: What is the Best Simic Hybrid Class?

Answer: There isn’t a best Simic Hybrid class, but Barbarian makes the most sense. The extra CON is perfect for the kit, making the Barbarian overpowered. Any other class would benefit, but it doesn’t fit the skillset as well.

Question: What Kind of Names Do Simic Hybrids Have?

Answer: Simic Hybrids keep their given name. So if it is half-elf, it will have an elven name; if it was human, it will have a human name. They don’t change their names whenever they are mutated.

Question: Do I Have To Be an Elven, Human, or Vedalken Hybrid?

Answer: Yes, under normal circumstances, you have to choose one of these three races. However, if your DM greenlights your vision, you can be any race you want as long as you keep the same build.

Simic Hybrid 5e – Endless Possibilities

What I love about the Simic Hybrid is that the possibilities are endless when you have an understanding DM. You can be a Merfolk, Aasimar, and a rhinoceros or something more creative.

However, you don’t get to add perks from other races by being a Simic Hybrid. So if you’re okay with that, then there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t choose any combo that you can imagine.

I love how versatile the Simic Hybrid is, and I will undoubtedly be one in the near future. I will likely choose a Ranger, but we will see what the future holds. The Simic Hybrid is an experiment gone right, and I’m here for it every step of the way.

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