Best Drow Name Ideas

Best Drow Name Ideas – From Alvin to Sânziana

The best Drow name ideas will help you create an accurate and fitting name for your Drow character. You can name your character anything you want – Cheeseburger Diddlybop, anyone? – but sometimes it’s fun to create something authentic.

When it comes to standard Elves, Gnomes, and Humans, it’s not all that difficult to come up with an appropriate name. But as far as Drow go, I can imagine being lost in the darkness of their past.

I’ve only been a Drow once, and sadly, I went with a non-Drow name. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice because I love experimenting with cultural names for my character’s race.

My Top Five Favorite Drow Names

Name  Typical Gender  Meaning – Origin
Samael Male Poison of God
Kasimir Male Destroyer of Peace
Zayada Female Made with too much power
Sânziana Female Holy Diana
Drizzt Male Famous kind Drow

What Is a Drow in DnD?

drown d&d

A Drow is an Elven race in D&D that is often called the Dark Elf. Originally, the Drow were considered primarily evil. But in D&D 5e, the Drow are just another Elven race whose alignment is decided by the player/DM.

In 5e, the Drow is a playable race with ties to the Underdark. Most Drow have dark purplish or gray skin and white or gray hair. They are Elf-sized and follow a similar ability score spread.

It is a common misconception that Drow are evil creatures. Because they are a playable race, they cannot solely be evil. Though their past is dark, their personality is completely up to their IRL creator.

Drow Name Criteria

There are a few things to consider when naming your Drow if you want to stay true to the race. Of course, there may be more factors than I have listed, but this is my personal criteria.

Elven Influence

Almost all Drow names have standard Elven influence. You can even use a regular Elven name if you want, though if you really want to get a good Drow name, then consider the next tip.

Dark Flare

Most Drow names have a dark flare because historically, Drow were evil. That doesn’t mean it’s imperative that your Drow name means “evil beast,” but it can help you find an appropriate direction.


The meaning of the name can be important. While many people pick baby names based on the sound of the name alone, most people at least know what the name means before they commit.

drow in dnd

Say It, Then Say It Again

I cannot stress this enough. Say the name you chose until you get tired of it. Or perhaps, in hopes that you won’t get tired of it. A name should roll off of your tongue comfortably in the accent your character will have.

Male Drow Names

Male Drow names are softer than Human names, but they do have an edge to them. You can use any name as a male Drow name, but these are my favorite picks that make sense to me.

Note: yes, there will be LotR references.

Beleg – Mighty

Beleg is a Lord of the Rings character who served under King Elu Thingol of Doriath. He was an expert archer and huntsman, even known as the “best of his time.” Because of the meaning “mighty,” I believe this is a great Drow name.

Eärendil – Devoted to the Sea

Honestly, this one took me a second to accept as a Drow name. But once I realized that a Drow pirate is something that I definitely want to be, I decided it could be. Yes, this is another LotR name.

Eldarion – Son of Elves

I’ve used a similar name to Eldarion before I even knew it was a Lord of the Rings character. Eldarion is Aragorn and Arwen’s son. He may be quite pure for a Drow to be named after, but that makes for a great backstory.

Gildor – Star-Lord

If you want to be Peter Quill, then this is the perfect name for you. Gildor didn’t have a huge role in the Lord of the Rings, but the meaning of his name could be perfect for a silly yet strong balance.

Mithrandir – Grey Wanderer

This might be an obvious name, but it will be my last Lord of the Rings reference. Mithrandier is Gandalf’s Sindarin name. If you didn’t know this, good luck not using it for your next character.

Alvin – Elf Friend

The name Alvin has many origins, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the first culture that used it. While it often means “old friend” or “noble friend,” it can also mean “elf friend.” I imagine a well-meaning Drow couple trying to give their child a chance.

Draven – Child of Beautiful Shadows

If you want an emo Drow – because I do – then Draven is a great name. Not only does it have amazing translations, but it’s also everyone’s favorite/least favorite League of Legends narcissist.

Antigone – Worthy of One’s Parents

I can imagine a traditional Drow naming their kid this. The name is also a play by Sophocles about the aftermath of a civil war. But in this case, I’m sticking to the parents that would be difficult to please.

Kasimir – Destroyer of Peace

This German name based on an Old Slavic name is a play on words. While it literally means “bringer of peace,” it is generally known to be a name that means “destroyer of peace” or “troublemaker.”

Fionnbarr – Handsome

There’s something about this simple Gaelic name that made me think of a Drow. There are many variations, and they sometimes mean “fair-headed,” which Drow are. So either way, it works.

Samael – Poison of God

This is my favorite male Drow name. He is a no-good archangel in Christian lore whose name literally means “venom of God.” This is a far cry from the name Samuel which means, “God has heard.”

drow 5e

Female Drow Names

Female Drow names are often softer than male names and are more likely to end in a vowel. I am a sucker for female Elf names, so when I get to add a dark flare, I run with it.

Morwen – Dark Maiden

You bet I’m starting with a Lord of the Rings name. The character may not be what one would consider a Drow, but the name’s meaning is quite fitting. Dark Maiden is a gorgeous title for any Drow.

Tinuviel – Daughter of Twilight

I love this meaning so much that I would name my Drow the title alone. The word actually means “Nightingale” in Sindarin poetry. It was a name that Luthien was given by Beren when he saw her dancing in the forest.

Alfdís – Elf Goddess

This Nordic name is almost too straightforward for a Drow, but I still like it. It just means “Elf Goddess.” It’s a bit simple, but if that’s what you’re looking for then it’s perfect for your Drow.

Ehuang – Fairy Radiance

This Chinese name comes from the word Xiangshuishen, goddesses of the Ziang River. The name Ehuang-Nuying is a later version that is much easier to pronounce. While Drow aren’t fairies, they do have a fairy radiance.

Melaine – Black

There’s something about this name that fascinates me. Melaine is a character from Wheel of Time, but it’s also an old name in our world that means “black.” I believe this could be a common Drow name.

Sânziana – Holy Diana

This is a pretty name that is also the name of Romanian fairies. The name comes from the goddess Diana who swore never to marry. A life of independence is quite Drow-like if you ask me.

Beatrix – Traveler

Beatrix Lestrange is definitely someone I would name a Drow after. But the name is also the name of a woman convicted of witchcraft in the 1500s. The name has many meanings but is generally given the title “voyager” or “traveler.”

Edrei – Woman of Great Strength

Edrei was a city in Syria, but it’s also a given name meaning “cloud” or “great mass.” This is often translated into “woman of great strength.” This name could work for any character, even if you don’t choose a Drow.

Zayada – Made with Too Much Power

Now it’s time for my favorite name of all. The name could have Swedish or Urdu origins, but the name’s meaning remains. When this translation happened, I’ll never know, but I’m in love with it for a Drow.

Daeva – Evil Spirit

If you want your Drow’s dark background to live in her name, then consider the name of this demon that appears repeatedly in folklore. Honestly, I don’t even want to say this name.

Diti – Mother of Demons

The name Diti isn’t rare in Sanskrit because Diti is the daughter of Daksha – one of the agents of creation. Diti was not a nice person, often depicted as being cruel to everything that she meets and being obsessed with power.

Mara – Nightmare

The name Mara can mean “bitter,” but even then, it’s associated with negativity and malicious intent. It may be simple, but it packs a punch. Something perfect for the tricky Drow.

Tohopka – Wild Beast

Tohopka is a Native American name. I imagine the Drow Tohopka having no ill intent, and if they’re not a Druid, then I’m done. I would make a Drow Druid name Tohopka in a heartbeat.

Fascienne – Woman of Dark Beauty

Fascienne is a lovely name meaning “dark beauty.” I think this could work with any alignment – even of the parents – because who doesn’t want their child to be a dark beauty?

Heiki – Ruler of the Home

The Estonian name Heiki is originally a male name similar to “Henry.” But I like it as a female Drow name much more. A female Drow named Heiki will be the ruler that the Forgotten Realms deserves.

Artemis – To Butcher

I’ve always loved Artemis because she represented a strong warrior. But her name literally means “to butcher” in Greek. Of course, if you’re a Drow Ranger, maybe consider calling yourself the Goddess of Wild Animals instead.

drow race

Prefix/Suffix Custom Names

One fun way to come up with a unique Drow name is to use a prefix and a suffix. There is a guide using a d100 or percentage dice from Angel Fire that I love. I’ve chosen my favorites to share here.

Top Ten Favorite Prefixes

  • Akor/Alak – beloved, best, first
  • LiNeeer/Mourn – legend, legendary, mythical
  • Char/Kron – sick, venom
  • Zilv/Vuz – forgotten, old, unknown
  • Irr/Izz – hidden, mask, masked
  • Xull/Url – blooded, crimson, ruby
  • Quar – aged, eternal, time
  • Mal/Malag – mystery, secret
  • Micar – Lost, poison, widow
  • Tal/Tar – love, pain, wound, wounded

Top Ten Favorite Suffixes

  • -agh – breaker, destruction, end, omega
  • -ayne/-al – lunatic, maniac, manic, rage
  • -bryn/-lyn – agent, assassin, killer
  • -cice/-roos – born of, Child, young
  • -fryn – champion, victor, weapon, weapon of
  • -idil/-imar – alpha, beginning, creator of, maker
  • -ithra/-irahc – dragon, serpent, wyrm
  • -mice/-myr – bone, bones, necromancer, witch
  • -vrae – architect, founder, mason
  • -quarra/-net – horde, host, legion

Iconic Drow and Dark Elves

If you want to name your Drow after Keanu Reeves but know that your Drow’s parents don’t know who Keanu Reeves is, then maybe you should consider a famous Drow instead.

Note: most famous Drow are from 2e and 3.5e

Lolth – Queen of Spiders

Lolth is the most famous Drow of all because she’s the goddess of all Drow. Or at least, historically, she is their goddess. She considered male drow to be unclean but still insisted it was a sin not to follow her.


Jarlaxle was a Drow mercenary who wasn’t an evil Drow, avoiding murder when possible. He was a known flirt with crazy charisma. He saw himself as someone who took advantage of every situation so that it would benefit him.


In recent years, Drizzt may be even more popular than Lolth. He chose to find a new path and eventually became a hero of the North. Drizzt is the ideal Drow and the one that all other Drow should look to.


Jalynfein is a very powerful wizard from Menzoberranzan. Unlike Drizzt, he kept up a facade of pure devotion to Lolth, but truly hated her. He was of a neutral alignment rather than good, but he did hate slavery.


Berg’inyon was a weapons master from Menzoberranzan. He was extremely handsome and was everything that the other worlds assumed Drow to be. However, he did look cool with his death lance, riding on the back of a lizard. 


Elkantar was a Fighter who was one of the few notoriously “good” Drow. He was sold into slavery by his house mother and eventually found refuge when devoting himself to Eilistraee. 


Qilue was a popular Drow who was the youngest of the Seven Sisters, the Chosen family of Mystra. Beautiful Qilue was a kind soul and strong Cleric with unjust rumors spread about her.


Gelroos isn’t what one would call pretty. He was known as the Faceless One and looked more like Skeletor than a Drow. Not much is known about Gelroos other than he walked the streets ashamed of the accident that melted his face off. 


SiNafay was an evil matron of a Drow house for years. She may have been short – and her life short-lived – but she was evil even to Drow standards. An evil 4-foot-tall Cleric is a sight to behold. 


Vierna was a Drow priestess who served Lolth and was a sister to Drizzt. The two are nothing alike as Vierna is violent, whereas Drizzt was gentle. However, she was always much less violent than her sisters. 


Another popular weapons master is Zaknafein. He was Drizzt’s father and mentor who taught his son much of what he knows. Zaknafein made it a point never to kill children but wasn’t afraid to fight for a cause. 


Liriel was a gorgeous Drow trained in the Rogue, Mage, Fighter, and Cleric arts. She was a jack of all trades who is everything that a multi-classer wants to be. Though she was full of sarcasm, she had a good heart. 

drow d&d


Question: Do Drow Have a Surname?

ANSWER: Yes, they usually do. I don’t see a difference between elven surnames and drow surnames, so you can use the elven surnames you find in fiction or dnd lore.


ANSWER: Rpg games like skyrim and wow often have amazing drow names because they have “Dark elves.” but you can look to any of your favorite games, movies, and tv shows for inspiration.


ANSWER: No. The drow people don’t have rules that those naming children must follow. But they do usually have a darkness to them even if the drow comes from a good family.


ANSWER: The drow call themselves drow. That is their ethnicity, and it is not a derogatory term. They are elves of the underdark. So you won’t get in trouble for using the name drow when referring to them.

Choosing the Best Drow Name for You

There aren’t any set rules for naming your Drow, and don’t let anyone talk you into a name that you don’t click with. If you want to stick with the popular Lolth, then go for it.

But if you want a Gnomish name for your pure Drow, then that’s okay too. I’ve never seen a name shot down by a DM unless it was inappropriate for the mixed group. Your name will likely be accepted too.

If I made a Drow today, I would call her Zayada, and I wouldn’t look back. The name meaning “made with too much power” is the perfect Drow name. However, I wouldn’t even limit it to Drow.

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