funniest dnd memes explained

Funniest DnD Memes Explained

What do all new D&D players want? The funniest DnD memes explained in a way they can understand. I love memes – as does most of the Dungeons and Dragons player base.

I’ve also played countless games – just for the memes. It’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon when you see an intriguing meme. Hopefully, these explanations won’t just entertain you but draw you deeper into the world of DnD.

D&D Memes – Flash Round

While I love every D&D meme from these lists, there are two in particular that live rent-free in my brain. These two classics never get old, so I share them time and time again. I believe they will age well into 6e.

Shoutout: Tabaxi cheese addiction is a close runner-up

Terry Crews – Guardian of the Light

terry crews dnd meme

I am in love with this meme. I’m a huge Terry Crews fan, so this meme is even better. Terry Crews is a classic Paladin – he’s all strength and charisma in real life and as a character in DnD.

Just Some Guy

This is everyone’s worst fear as a human – inheriting only the negative traits from their parents. Whenever you create a character, creating a human can become even more interesting when you’re not really a human at all.

I want to take a look at the most popular Dungeons and Dragons memes that you will see recycled repeatedly. They have come so far that the references are used daily in different contexts.

Most DnD memes are made using the Fifth Edition. If you play 5e and a meme doesn’t make sense, it may be because it is referencing a different version. This is uncommon with new memes, but it can happen. 


fireball dnd meme

Spellcasting for Wizards is time-consuming and takes a lot of prep. They learned their spells via hard work and intense studying. Sorcerers learned their spells easily because they were born imbued with magic.

The fireball joke has been around for ages. It is one of the strongest (highest DPS) attacks early game. Magic Missile is similar with similar meme formats. But Fireball is more common because the concept is also intriguing yet simple.

Getting Your Group Together

Getting Your Group Together

I have firsthand experience with this. As an adult, it’s hard to get anything recreational together. So imagine trying to get four to eight people together for a regular session of D&D.

It’s nearly impossible to keep a campaign for long. It’s extremely sad because we all want to play together. But adults have their own schedules, and they don’t always align.

The Railroading DM

The Railroading DM

Railroading is when a DM gives the illusion of free will but really has one plan in mind. Like if all three doors will take you to the same place, but you can’t go back once you pass through one. 

Sometimes, DMs do this because they have a linear plot in mind and haven’t prepared well. It annoys players when they find out, as it feels less like roleplaying and more like being characters in someone else’s story. 

Always the Rogue and Bard

Always the Rogue and Bard

This joke also works with the Harry Potter “Why is it when something happens, it is always you three?” format. The gist of it is that the Rogue and the Bard are typically in it for the roleplay and tend to love to stir things up.

The movie – The Road to El Dorado – is one of my favorites. It features Miguel, an obvious Bard (music, illusions, and all)- and Tulio, an obvious Rogue. They are the perfect example of these two troublemakers.

Distracted Party

There are so many ways to put this. DMs have hard jobs. They have to create an entire world and immerse multiple people in it. So, they spend all of this time creating this world, and then the party rewards them in odd ways.

For example, getting distracted by petty frogs or interrogating an NPC without a prepared dialogue. Or my personal favorite, searching a door for thirty minutes that has been confirmed to be unlocked and free of traps.


murder hobo advice meme

Murderhobo is a term that I believe originated in the DnD world. A murderhobo is someone who wanders around the world and aimlessly kills. Memes surrounding it are hilarious.

Many DMs will outlaw murderhobos from entering their party or reprimand them if they sneak on by. It often ruins the game for those who prefer to roleplay and have a chill night.

Critical Roll

the guards demand to be entertained

This is probably the most well-understood DnD meme outside of the DnD world. Even if you’ve never played the game before, you probably at least vaguely understand what a critical hit is.

It isn’t an automatic win when you roll a 20, but it gives you an insane boost. In this context, Chunk from the Goonies is doing his best to entertain, and because he rolled a 20, you bet he’s going to succeed.

Eldritch Blast

Warlocks are part of some really shifty stuff. They don’t cast spells but rather cast invocations. An invocation can only be used once they pace a pact with a patron. More often than not, the patron is shady.

Not to mention, the Warlock has options but chooses to use Eldritch Blast 99% of the time. Because why not? That’s an easy 1d10 damage right from the get-go. Later on, you can cast up to four beams at a time.

Druids Being Weird

Dungeons and Dragons Memes

I love Druids. They get to transform into animals, which is something I can get behind. But let’s face it – Druids are weird. They are the furries of the party, after all, so what do you expect?

In this meme, the insinuation is that Druids hang out in their animal form all the time and prefer to do that rather than focus on the quests. Is this true? Yes, yes, it is.

New Character, Who Dis?

You’re not kicked out of the campaign whenever your character dies in Dungeons and Dragons. Instead, you make a new character and are reintroduced to the rest of the party. 

The concept is as old as DnD, but not when it comes to taking the concept and putting it into a movie. This is fairly new, but it has become a popular meme that people can’t stop reimagining. 

Had Me in the First Half

This joke is ongoing, and I love it. Whenever you see the words from DnD in the real world, it’s hard not to take that concept and place it in the Dungeons and Dragons world.

For example, Social Justice Warrior sounds like a D&D class. So why aren’t there Social Justice Clerics? The extra healing would be just as useful as the Warrior’s brute force.

Roleplay IRL

There’s a time and place for everything. Apparently, many people are getting their real lives mixed up with their DnD lives. Roleplayers often go too far, and this is just one example.

My Favorite DnD Memes Explained

While the above memes are what I have found to be the most popular, these memes are the recent ones that I can’t stop laughing at. I hope my personal favorites can do the same for you.

Tabaxi Addiction

Tabaxi Addiction

There’s a weird quirk that Tabaxi have where they have an addiction to something. This is often alcohol or gambling. But for the meme, the addiction is cheese – which is hilarious.

The meme is based on Skyrim; as you can see Aela the Huntress and Serana accompany a nameless Khajiit in this play on a popular meme format. The Khajiit is very similar to a Tabaxi in appearance.

Homebrew Race?

Creating backstories is one of my favorite things about DnD. Whenever I ask the DM if I can be a specific non-canon race, and they approve it, I’m home free. But that can be taken to the next level.

In this case, the player imagines a world where they are a hybrid of a hybrid who then becomes a human. Of course, I don’t think that minotaurs are half-human, but the concept is hilarious. 

Tinder for DnD

I share this because I want it to be a thing. A “dating” site for finding a campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. This could be quite next level and so easy to make. Who needs Tinder when you can have a “party?” 

I want this to happen because I would sign up immediately. Even if I already had a campaign. As long as there was a way to set schedules beforehand so you could meetup with those whose schedules aligned. 

Terry Crews Paladin

terry crews dnd paladin

Who doesn’t love Terry Crews? He loves Dungeons and Dragons and even played with Critical Role members for CelbriD&D. In the meme, he’s an obvious Paladin who can really kick some grass.

The marriage of Charisma and Strength is a perfect description of Terry Crews. I love everything about this meme and the fact that it can be recycled over and over again.

Vampire Wealth

This isn’t just a good point in the Dungeons and Dragons world, but in any world with vampires. Whenever you’ve tried for a thousand years to make some dough and can’t, maybe it’s time to give up.

Vampires are usually extremely wealthy. Sometimes, it’s because of mind control, sure. But more often than not, they’ve just learned over the years how to make money in an efficient way.

I Have 20

keeping track of arrows dnd meme

Keeping track of arrows is so difficult. Yet, explaining that you forgot and have no idea how many you should have can make you feel silly. That’s why so many players say, “yeah,” and then guess.

Sure, there are times when a player knows and tries to get by without buying more. But more often than not, they forget and wing it. Who can count arrows in combat?

Am I Doing It Right?

Roleplaying is everything to me in a D&D campaign. So whenever players who have a hard time opening up decide to join in on the roleplay, my eyes swell up. I definitely get it.

When I am with a new group, I have a hard time committing to the roleplay. But it’s so much fun whenever I get started, and I want others to be comfortable enough to join in. 

DnD with Boomers?

This either hurts, or you’re the 11-year-old. Aging can be easy, but there will be times when you are hit with reality and realize that you were once this kid. Now, you’re on the receiving end.

This lovely DM was running a campaign for kids. When one of them said that 40 was almost elderly, it hurt. He probably didn’t kill them all on the first session, but a DM can dream.

There’s Always that One NPC

There's Always that One NPC

I love this. Sometimes, the DM creates a character without any backstory, and the players go ham, interrogating them like they’re the main villain. However, I prefer the alternative.

Whenever you think an NPC is no one but find out later in the campaign that they are everything. When that shopkeeper ends up being the antagonist whose power knows no bounds. 

Who is Vecna?

Who is Vecna?

The person in this meme is Matt Mercer, a voice actor who is the main DM for the series Critical Role. The meme is referencing the fact that there are a lot of DnD references in Stranger Things.

However, when I hear “Vecna,” I still think of the main villain in certain DnD campaigns rather than the one in Stranger Things. D&D was always cool. However, the more people we can get to play, the better. 


Question: What is DnDMemes?

Answer: DnDMemes is a popular subreddit dedicated to sharing Dungeons & Dragons memes. It’s the freshest source that I’ve found, and I visit it about once a week for a laugh or two.

Question: What is BBEG?

Answer: Popularized by DnD, BBEG means the “big bad evil guy.” It can be used in video games as well and is generally understood throughout the entire gaming community. But no one uses it as much as DnD fans.

Question: What Does DnD Mean on TikTok?

Answer: DnD usually means Do Not Disturb on Tik Tok and other social media platforms. While I may see “Dungeons & Dragons” every time, that’s not what most zoomers mean in this context.

What Makes a D&D Meme Funny?

The primary point of memes is to entertain and make people laugh. But what entertains the D&D community? That would be, referencing the real struggles and purest enjoyments of playing Dungeons & Dragons.

So if you make a meme – or want to share one – look at these things. If it references a common struggle that we can laugh at in retrospect, that’s great. Or, if it shows off all the best parts of DnD, that’s another approach.

DnD memes aren’t all that different than any other type of meme. People want to feel understood. Memes help us connect and let us know that we’re not alone, just like D&D.

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