Arthur Monteclar

The one thing Arthur Monteclar is passionate is about Dungeons & Dragons. He’s played a DND master for various groups of people for three years. Plus, he’s worked online and on tabletop games too. He’s well-versed in a variety of gameplay options and topics for DND and as a DM, no matter what DND-related subject you’re struggling with, Arthur’s got an answer for you.

heavy crossbow 5e guide

Heavy Crossbow 5e Guide

A black bear emerges from the darkness after witnessing some adventurers setting up a campfire. Luckily, an Elf Ranger notices and, without a hint of hesitation, pulls out a heavy crossbow. He shoots the creature, and at the second shot, it collapses. Indeed, it is a powerful weapon, though it is not for everybody. While

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Fog Cloud 5e Guide

Fog Cloud 5e Guide

Suppose you have played first-person shooter games before like CS: GO or Valorant, you would know that smokes are essential in your gameplay. They can be the defining moment between success and failure, as they obscure the enemy’s vision. However, people responsible for smoking areas should know where to put their smoke; otherwise, they might

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Gust of Wind 5e Guide

Gust of Wind 5e Guide: Why Fight Your Enemies When You Can Push Them Off a Cliff?

If you love Avatar: The Last Airbender (like I do), you know how powerful air is. As a child, I would watch in amazement how Aang fights his enemies by controlling the air around him. However, I often think about how dangerous and lethal his methods are, despite him being a pacifist. For example, Aang

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Mold Earth 5e Guide

Mold Earth 5e Guide

During my younger years aside from fantasy RPGs, I fell in love with the show: Avatar: The Last Airbender. The idea of bending elements was such a cool concept to my child brain. I knew if I were in the Avatar world, I would want to be an Earth-bender. Imagine molding the ground beneath you and

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