Arthur Monteclar

The one thing Arthur Monteclar is passionate is about Dungeons & Dragons. He’s played a DND master for various groups of people for three years. Plus, he’s worked online and on tabletop games too. He’s well-versed in a variety of gameplay options and topics for DND and as a DM, no matter what DND-related subject you’re struggling with, Arthur’s got an answer for you.

Fire Bolt 5e Guide

Fire Bolt 5e Guide

Have your parents or guardians told you that you shouldn’t play with fire? Of course, you shouldn’t! Fire is extremely dangerous; a small ember can engulf an entire house given the right resources and circumstances. It is a deadly weapon that men have used since they have had the brains to comprehend it. Yet, in …

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blink 5e guide

Blink 5e Guide

You are a guard for a wealthy aristocrat’s huge mansion. You have heard rumors about how your boss got his wealth through murder and deception, but you do not care about such frivolous things. As long as you are getting paid well, you can guard anything. Suddenly, in the distance, you see a group of …

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Confusion 5e Guide

Confusion 5e Guide

You and your Bard got separated from your group, and now your back is on the wall. In front of you are two huge, bulking cyclops ready to smother you with their clubs. You are extremely low on HP, and you are sure that you can’t strike down both of them with` your sword at …

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