where to buy dnd miniatures in bulk

Where to Buy DnD Miniatures in Bulk

Where to buy DnD miniatures in bulk isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, you could buy them at specialty stores or comic book stores, but they weren’t just floating around the internet.

This made it more complicated yet accessible in other ways because you could pinpoint where to buy quality sets. I’ve purchased bulk DnD miniatures myself at yard sales and local stores. But the next round, I’m buying them online.

While shopping online for Dungeons and Dragons miniature figures in bulk, I decided to share my findings. This includes my favorite sets and available places to buy mini figures in bulk packs that you can shop at on your own. 

Where to Buy DnD Miniatures in Bulk: My Top Picks

My favorite place to buy miniatures in bulk is on eBay. Although buying them on Amazon or somewhere similar is easy, you may end up having the exact same set as someone else.

When you buy on eBay, primarily via auction, you can get unique sets that no one else has. While each piece may not be unique, more often than not, the sets have been accumulated over the years.

My single favorite set, though, is on Amazon rather than eBay. The set every party should flip out over can be found here. I’ve never seen a more dashing and outstanding set. 

Stores That Sell Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures

Some stores always have Dungeons & Dragons miniatures in bulk. Some are cheaper than others while others are more reliable. I recommend that you shop for yourself to find what’s right for you.


Amazon store dnd

Amazon is the most accessible place to buy DnD miniatures in bulk. They always have more than a few options in stock. You can get townsfolk, monsters, or player characters, all for a reasonable price.

If you have Prime, shipping is free, which is a huge plus. You can also read reviews, so you know what you’re getting. The only con I see when buying from Amazon is that you will receive cookie cutter sets.



My favorite place to buy DnD miniatures is eBay. You can’t bookmark a listing and expect it to be there later, even if it’s from a store with multiple in stock. But that makes them even more alluring to me.

Most bulk miniature listings are special, taken care of by someone who loves DnD as much as I do. That’s what makes eBay miniatures so great. Keep an eye out for new listings, and don’t settle.



Etsy is almost as good as eBay and is my pick for custom figures in bulk. You can find your favorite shop and have them make a bulk order for you, which will have cheaper or free shipping.

Their methods vary. Sometimes they have a private collection, sometimes they 3D print them, and sometimes they have a local store with dirt cheap miniatures that they can resell on Etsy.


Many are skeptical of AliExpress, but I’ve used the store multiple times without a problem. The shipping can take months, but other than that, I see no issues buying from them.

Their prices are insanely good, so if you’re on a strict budget but a lenient deadline, then this is your best bet. There are many options to choose from when it comes to bulk D&D miniatures.



Walmart is a semi-obvious choice. While you may not have any DnD miniatures in bulk – or at all – at your local store, you can always get some online. However, the bulk may not be that grand.

More often than not, Walmart has less than 20 in each bulk set. This is great for small sessions or one-shots, but it’s not a very personal way to create characters, so I’m torn on this one.

DnD Mini

Wizards of the Coast has partnered with a sight called DnD Mini and a company now called Wizkids to have “licensed” D&D miniatures. Most of them are quite pricey and only in single form.

However, there are a few options for bulk sets, but you’ll have to pay for them. You won’t find them for much less than $10 per miniature, even when you do buy in bulk. However, the quality is top-notch.

Miniature Market

Miniature Market

Miniature Market is a hidden gem that I hope most players know about. They have singles, bulk sets, and booster bricks. Most of their sets are from really great brands, including licensed DnD sets.

Their prices are fair, and their stock is insane. Aside from eBay or Etsy, I’d say that their stock is the largest, which is impressive considering they are just one company rather than strictly an e-commerce site.

3D Print Commission

I have friends with 3D printers who are constantly taking commissions. If you do, too, putting yourself on a waiting list is the best way to get a bulk order of miniatures for a good deal.

You may have to provide the 3D files for them to print, but the files are cheaper to buy than the miniatures, so you can get them at a reasonable price still. Pay for materials and add a tip.

Local Comic or Gaming Store

If I had a good store near me that sold miniatures in bulk, I’d go there first. But this isn’t always an option. Take advantage of that store if you can. They may even be able to special order in bulk for you.

If I had a store near me, I’d never leave. I used to go to Hastings before they closed down. They had singles rather than bulk orders, but their prices were fair enough that I didn’t care.

My Favorite Bulk DnD Miniatures Sets

Now that we’ve gone over places you can shop yourself, I want to list a few of my favorite sets that can get you through your next campaign. I love every one of these bulk sets. 

I’ll be pleased if any of these inspire you, even if you don’t buy the specific set. It’s a passion of mine to spread the joy and special connection that one can find with their DnD character. 

Monsters from KidRobot

This monster set shows us that DnD miniatures are changing. They don’t have to be unpainted, non-detailed, or disfigured. They may not be as “realistic,” but they make up for it with character.

If you don’t love the cuteness of this set, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I think it’s the perfect way to introduce kids to DnD. They are blind boxes, so if you want 24 of them (in hopes of getting them all), you’ll have to forfeit quite a sum. 

Painted Bulk

This is an affordable set that can cover a lot of areas in your campaign. It may not be best for player characters, but it’s just about all you need for random non-townsfolk NPCs.

The trick is that these are technically Pathfinder miniatures. I wanted to throw in that looking for miniatures for different tabletops is an excellent way to find deals and unique miniatures you wouldn’t see under other tags.

Tractor Supply Surprise

I go to Tractor Supply every week, but I never imagined that the store would have D&D miniatures – not exactly their demographic. I’m not complaining because their sets by Wizkid are outstanding.

You can buy these at other stores, but they aren’t any cheaper elsewhere. Since you can site to store these – a big plus in my life – I recommend ordering from Tractor Supply if you have a local store where you can pick them up. 

The Only Townsfolk Set You’ll Need

This townsfolk set is so complete that players may want to take some of them for their characters. I really am in love with this set and the thought that went into ensuring the DM had everything he needs.

I have jester players and cooks, so if you have many players like these or guild artisans, a townsfolk set may be a better bet than a standard party set. Who needs Barbarians and Rogues? 

The Splurge from DnD Mini

If I had the funds, I would buy this Icon of the Realms set that is specifically designed for Guide to Ravenloft. It’s gorgeous, well-made, and licensed. But it’s also quite pricey for a set of 60 figures.

That’s why I call it a splurge. Some people spend all their free money on stuff like this, which is completely fine. Life is too short to care about splurging on something this amazing.

The Unique Party Set

Is your party so unique that it’s difficult to find miniatures for them? I highly recommend this set which is oozing with personality. I love each and every one of these miniatures.

From the halfling dragonslayer to the pug – when ridden by the gnome and alone – this set is perfect. Although generic sets cover more bases, this set is representative of my favorite kind of campaign.

Bulk Bricks at Miniature Market

I’m an absolute sucker for booster packs in MtG, and many people like me are in that aspect. This is why Wizards of the Coast decide to create booster bricks, a booster pack of miniatures.

The idea is amazing and successful. The only thing better than a booster brick is booster bricks in bulk. This is a semi-affordable way to have some fun while collecting miniatures.

Customizing a DnD Miniature

There may be a few ways to do this, but the best I’ve seen is HeroForge. I’ve never purchased one from this company, but I’ve used the miniature creator multiple times to give myself a vision of my player character.

Before you start, you should know which character you are creating. Race, class, and general appearance are a great start. You can even make NPCs this way. If you make them in bulk, you can cut shipping costs too.


Question: What’s The Cheapest Place to Buy DnD Miniatures?

Answer: I’ve found the cheapest miniatures at yard sales and on eBay. Remember that when shopping on eBay, you must keep a keen eye out for good deals because there is always competition.

Question: Where Can I Get High-Quality Miniatures in Bulk?

Answer: The highest quality miniatures are either bought as singles or from the licensed site DnD Mini. You will have to get lucky otherwise and shop around. Stock rotates in most stores.

Question: How Big Should DnD Miniatures Be?

Answer: Most miniatures have a one-inch base because each square on the grid is supposed to be one inch. This is a good baseline if you want to use a non-standard miniature.

Question: Can I use Anything As A Miniature in DnD?

Answer: More or less. Anything can be a miniature as long as it isn’t s big that it takes up too much space on the board. You can get creative and use a LEGO piece or Monopoly piece. Anything goes as long as the DM approves it. 

Question: Do I Order Miniatures As the DM?

Answer: It isn’t your responsibility to buy everyone’s miniatures, but you should remind them to bring one to the first session. I always have a few extras on hand for those who forget – not custom, just a placeholder. 

Why the Shortage of DnD Miniatures?

When I play Dungeons and Dragons, it’s typically online, as getting everyone together in person is difficult. One of my campaigns even had players from all over the world, so somewhere like Roll20 opens up a lot of opportunities.

When you play online, the need for tangible miniatures disappears. So not many players have miniatures anymore – not tangible ones anyway. Instead, images or 3D art are used.

But if you’re like me, even if you play online, you like to have a miniature in front of you. If you’re the DM, this is helpful. But if you’re a player, it can help you connect with your character better.

Whatever your reason, having a DnD miniature feels special. If you have an extensive campaign – or a lot of campaigns – it’s important to save when multiple miniatures. That’s when buying in bulk is the answer. 

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