Tallis Spalding

Since she entered the world of Dungeons and Dragons (and other Table Top games), Tallis has completely immersed herself, indulging in the rules and game expansions. She's completely thrown herself into homebrew, creating an entire world for her frequent one-shots and campaigns to take place in. She believes the most important thing with DnD is to communicate with everyone at the table because when everyone is on the same page (and comfortable improvising), the game ends up being even better than expected.

Compelled Duel 5e Guide

Compelled Duel 5e Guide

There are some skills and abilities different classes have within Dungeons and Dragons 5e that allow you to become the main target of your enemies. This can spare your squishiest of teammates from being hit or draw attention away from Clerics and glass canon spellcasters. Fighters have access to a maneuver called Goading Strike and

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