Ethan Scaife

Ethan brings an extensive understanding of D&D game mechanics, storytelling, how to operate the game, and how to optimize playing! He's created many D&D game guides and will always provide the best advice, making sure to scour the source material and shares it all with us here!

eldritch blast 5e guide

Eldritch Blast 5e Guide

What is Eldritch Blast? You’ve started a D&D game, and it’s the warlock’s turn. She steadies her focus, and a blast of force energy explodes from her and hits the nearby goblin, sending him backward off a cliff. She turns to the hobgoblin, and another beam blasts from her and sends the monster crashing into

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Grave Cleric 5e Guide

The grave domain is a powerful cleric subclass for players who are looking to not only keep their allies alive but add powerful offensive options to send their enemies to their deaths as quickly as possible. This grave cleric 5e guide will cover everything you need to know about the subclass. What Is A Grave

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