Daniel Meierer

Daniel is a freelancer who enjoys roleplaying and worldbuilding. As an experienced player, he knows the games well and can guide your next game night. He invests his time to gain more experience points as he levels up. When he's not playing a campaign, he enjoys playing tabletop and VR games.

modrons 5e guide

Modrons 5e Guide

Modrons, Meticulously Marching Mechanisms Modrons are what happens when you let the IT Robotics nerd ascend to god-status. Crafted by the godlike Primus, Modrons act as the embodiment of Lawful Neutral on the classic DnD alignment scale.  Where Lawful Good is reigned by Celestials and Lawful Evil is the domain of Devils, Modrons reign over

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Water Elemental 5e Guide

Water Elemental 5e Guide

The early levels of a campaign are full of unique creatures. However, an elemental appearing is often that turning point where we go from goblin and giant rats to the wild and crazy world of magic. Water elementals, in particular, are a terrifying foe. They practically exemplify one of the worst-known ways to die. A

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hag 5e guide

Hag 5e Guide

The FeyWylds has a reputation for majestic butterfly dragons, tiny fairy folk, and glitter. However, hags are a subspecies of Fey that consider that belief to be offense fact, and will take that as the excuse to torment you.  THE excuse, not an excuse. As Hags live to create torment. They are every witch in

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Brown Bear 5e Guide

Brown Bear 5e Guide

A Brown Bear in the real world is considered an Apex predator. A Grizzly or Kodak, in particular, is at the top of their game. They have been used by many figures in pop culture, such as the ridiculously over-the-top Baki, as a test of a warrior’s strength. That’s the real world; in the world

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