Conrad Chan

Conrad started D&D right before 5th edition and quickly transitioned into it upon hearing about how easy it was to catch games and modules. Soon after he turned into a Dungeon Master, trying to understand the intricate rulings and behind the screen works into making a campaign. Now he wants to share what he has learned, from guides to mechanics. Characters, campaigns and Minmaxing are all on the table.

Lava Damage 5e Guide

Lava Damage 5e Guide

Lava has always been a mystery; is it solid or liquid? Perhaps something else entirely? We know that lava would either instantly kill us or do massive damage in games, but how does lava work in D&D? Does it work like fall damage? Do we even take damage? Let me explain. D&D is home to …

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Pearl of Power 5e Guide

Pearl of Power 5e Guide

Whenever you play a TRPG, part of the fun is finding equipment and skills to create your ideal character. Even in RPG video games, you are there for the story and the personalities behind them. With your main protagonist taking whatever form you wish to interact with that world, in that way, you get to …

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Ice Storm 5e Guide

Dungeons and Dragons have gone through numerous updates and versions from D&D to the current 5th edition, the game has changed so much, yet at the same time, it has remained nearly the same. A tabletop RPG played with pen and paper is now adapted online through websites like Roll20 or applications like Tabletop Simulator.  …

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